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Antique necklace is wearable art

Here is another project we recently completed for a customer of Prestige Picture Framing who had seen other objects we’ve framed in the past and she wanted to surprise her daughter with this lovely piece of wearable art.

This antique necklace is mounted in the frame in such a way that it will be very easy for the owner to get into the frame so if they ever want to wear this gorgeous gem for special occasions, they will still have that option.

The necklace is resting on a silk mat background with lined silk sides on the inside of the frame. This wearable work of art is floating behind museum-quality glass so it looks virtually invisible.


On the back of the frame we installed turn buttons for easy access, and we even added the letter to the back to keep everything together for sentimental value.

If you have an object like this, or anything else, and want to be able to frame it for display in your home or office, we can help!