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Happy Earth Day

This Earth Day we are reflecting on how we can contribute to a healthier planet on a daily basis. We strive to avoid the landfill wherever possible. Our shop’s recycling program diverts a huge percentage of waste from the landfill to other areas, where items can be re-purposed in some way other than just sitting in a giant pile.

Our Recycling Philosophy:
If it can be reduced, reused or recycled we strive for that.




We Reuse:

  • Packing materials from new items, to pack customers’ framed works of art and memories.
  • Small left over pieces of custom frames and turn them into ready made frames.
  • Customer’s archival quality materials when modernizing the framing.




We Reduce:
Trim paper, plan well; save left-over bits. We do the same with all our glass.




We Recycle:

  • About 4 blue boxes of paper waste each week;
  • 1/2 of one large bag of soft plastic;
  • One small bin of hard plastic each week;
  • One small bag of compost every five days or so.
  • A garbage can of aluminium every two weeks.




We Donate:
Wood frames and mat scraps to a group at VIHA for art therapy, as well as sharing some mat scraps with different schools.