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Breath new life into consignment shop prints with updated framing


A returning customer of Prestige Picture Framing Etcetera came in recently with two wonderful parrot prints that she found at a local consignment shop. They were still framed in their original 1940’s, 1950’s framing and were in very good condition. They are silkscreened prints made on thick, high quality paper. She wanted to update the frames so we looked at many options.


This lacquered maple veneer was perfect the moment we put it on! It’s just the right tone to compliment both the parrots and the foliage. It’s high gloss look it so fitting with the era of the pieces and the subtlety of the tone lets the colours in the prints pop out.

We use acid free backing and conservation glass in our framing so these prints will last another lifetime.


Framespace was used in order to lift the glass off of the paper. Framespace is hidden just under the inner lip of the frame to create a gap so that no moister can get trapped on the surface of the print. A mat normally achieves this space.

This wonderful frame line comes in 8 other colours including yellow, blue, red, purple, orange, dark and light green, and black.


These two framed prints would be wonderful hung together or across a room from one another. Or hang them symmetrically for a little fun. Have the one parrot squawking down to the others!